Blitz Kids - The Good Youth // Review


Review by Dahlia M.

There are times where you want to listen to a song with a strong guitar and a pounding bass; a song with an inspiring drum beat and vocals that put the cherry on top with their rocky and unique sound. Blitz Kids’ second full-length album is yet another great addition to the pop-punk and alternative rock market. The Good Youth is an upbeat and positive record that will definitely encourage some foot tapping and air drumming. 

Blitz Kids already have one other full length album entitled Vagrants & Vagabonds released in 2011. However, compared to their latest album, one can definitely hear how they have matured musically. The Good Youth, released in early 2013, is physical proof that Blitz Kids have definitely stepped up their game. This innovative band worked with well-known and successful producer John Feldmann, who is known for supporting leading pop-punk and pop-rock bands such as You Me At Six and Panic! At the Disco. With such excellent guidance from their producer, Blitz Kids have shaped their record to be energetic and it displays the band’s efforts in finding their sound. Jono Yates holds the guitar work down and works together with skilled bassist Nic Montgomery to solidify the strings on the album, while drummer Matt Freer sets the infectious drumming. All of this is then united with vocalist Joe James’ exceptional tone that finally creates and showcases the albums’ unprecedented feel. 

Upon listening to the album, we can compare it to Pop Rocks candy. The first few seconds of the song is when you put the candy in your mouth, but as the guitar and drums kick in, the popping frenzy begins. The opening track “All I Want is Everything” unites the listener and the band through a collective chant that begins the sentimental and inspiring number. As the anthem plays, we feel the need to chant alongside James and passionately air-drum or prove ourselves to be aspiring air-guitarists. With such memorable vocals from James and the band, how could anyone deny the chance to belt out lyrics? The unbelievably powerful number opening the album gives us a general idea of the rest of the album. In addition to the lively “All I Want is Everything”, there are tracks that demonstrate James’ softer and emotional voice. “Keep Swinging” and “Long Road” come consecutive to each other and they are the two out of three timid but shining gems of the record. The bands’ guitar and drum lines are notably focused in both numbers, crediting Yates, Montgomery and Freer and exhibiting their undeniable talents. Throughout the album, Yates and Montgomery merge their efforts and produce incredible guitar work in addition to Freer’s impressive and skilled drumming. As the tracklist plays through, we fall on “Perfect”. This track is one that will stick to your ears. This number will permeate your whole being and will undoubtedly make you move. The quick and beautiful drumming patterns will pierce through your body and merges with the guitar and bass lines alongside the chant-worthy and sing-a-long vocals. Last, and definitely not least, “Lost Generation” is up. The last gem of three. This number opens with a placid introduction and then launches with emotive and fragile vocals. The dance-like chorus and shifts in tempo throughout the song allows it to reach an unforgettable magnitude. 

With tracks varying from emotional ballads to heavy and influential pop-punk numbers, The Good Youth justifies Blitz Kids’ hard work in making an electrifying and breathtaking record. This major step forward in their musical career will take a positive and successful turn. If they are playing a show in an area near you, be first in line to get tickets! If they serve the same amount of energy from their album into their live shows, you will not regret it.

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